Customer Testimonials:

  Just want to say that throughout our association, you have offered exemplary service, which is becoming a rarity on the Internet. The toughest technical issues you handled with flair and expertise, keeping me intelligently informed throughout any crisis or complicated set up. My confidence in your abilities is absolute and I commend you on your service. If any of your potential customers operating a large-scale site would like to contact me, I would relay that confidence and recommend you highly. Marvin  Moore, Director, Association for Better Insulation.

   "Our company, Infor-Med, Inc. is a major manufacturer of Medical Record Software in the United States and abroad.Our staff is located in Los Angeles, CA, Portland, OR, McAllen, TX, and in Buenos Aires, Argentina.Therefore, "connectivity" to our customers and between our staff is an integral part of our business model. We utilize SQL based database for storage and retrieval, HTML hosting, and self-managed E-Mail services.We are delighted with the continuous solutions 1stNation has provided for us.On the rare occasion where we've needed technical support, the staff has been prompt, courteous, and thorough.We recommend 1stNation to any company or individual." Scott Flaschner, PRAXIS Electronic Medical Records, Los Angeles, CA

 "1st NT lives up to its name! As a Web designer and reseller of hosting services, it is imperative to provide reliable and top quality hosting services to my clients. The few times we needed technical issues resolved, 1st NT acted quickly and professionally. Overall, a great service!"
   Karen L. Mibus
   ActionWeb Designs LLC

   I am very impressed with the quality of your technical support system. Your response time is amazingly fast...and always helpful... I am a raving fan.  Brian W, Polaris Christian Church

   I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the great service I have received in the past. You have definitely gone 'above and beyond' the call when I had experienced problems on your system and even problems that were well beyond your control. I never once got the answer 'it's not our problem ... sorry', even when it was clear that the problem was outside the 1st NT sphere of  influence.
  I also would like to thank 1st NT for the way I am treated when I call and ask for new accounts, upgrades, service problems, etc. I am always greeted with a friendly voice that I know belongs to very honest and professional people.
  I have been a long term customer of 1st NT, and have no reason to even consider moving to other hosting companies. It is tough to find a company these days that is as reputable and committed to reliability and new technologies as 1st NT - why would I leave? Brian M,

   Everything I have needed has been handled very professionally, and in a timely manner. It is such a pleasant experience to deal with anyone at your company. I have recommended your site to others and will certainly continue to do so in the future.What a great team!!!Bobbi Richardson

   I'd like to say, your service is the best I know and every time I can, I tell friend to subscribe at your

   All in all, I feel very comfortable referring people to 1st NT.Sally Willard

   I just wanted to thank Henry for all his help with my technical questions. He resolved my problems quickly and always has the right answer. I switched to your company because I was looking for better technical support and now that I have seen Henry at work, I am  happy I chose 1st NT.Thanks again  Daniel Sullivan

   Job well done, many thanks!I'm very pleased, we have fast reliable sites that actually work quickly in England, across Europe, the US! with virtually no down-time.Kyle

   I have always been impressed with your responsiveness to any question, no matter how idiotic. Often, non-computer people are spoken down to by you computer gurus, but your staff is always very appropriate and helpful.Jeffrey Saks

   I would like to thank the staff of 1stNation for your excellent support service.You are obviously very experienced people. You have resolved each of my technical issues quickly and accurately.JDS

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