Yes it's true, you really can bulletproof your database so that it is always up and available and you never lose any data from almost any disaster scenario. You can run parallel servers in separate locations, have hot standby databases for quick switchovers, and implement replicated databases, along with other options that 1st NT provides. 1st NT's Dual Data Centers in the US and Canada can completely eliminate possibility of data loss,  eliminate downtime and make your databases bulletproof from natural or manmade disasters.

The events of September 11 have brought a great deal of attention to both the disaster recovery industry as well as the market surrounding backup and recovery tools. There have been many articles and reports written on this issue by the media and we expect to see many announcements from leading storage vendors,software companies, and service providers focusing their marketing initiatives on disaster recovery and backups.

Five good reasons for backing up your computers:

1.Hard disk failure. Modern hard disks are extremely reliable but they are not infallible. Like all mechanical devices, hard disks wear out and will eventually fail with a loss of data. When they do break down it is often at the most critical times.

2.Natural Disasters. Fire and flood are just two ways a computer and the data on it can be destroyed.

3.Insufficient Disk Storage Capacity. You might think you have lots of disk space today,
but with the increased size of operating systems, applications and data it soon fills it up.
Regular archiving of data is one way to avoid running out of disk space.

4.Power Fluctuations and Surges. Power failures in some areas are worse than others. A
power surge can strike at any time, possibly causing the disk head to strike the magnetic
platter resulting in irrecoverable data loss.

5.Human Error. With today's Graphical User Interfaces it it so much easier to delete your
large databases or mailing lists with the click of a button! Some of the most common
causes of data loss are overwriting a file with an empty file or deleting the wrong file.

As an additional benefit to our customers we are pleased to offer a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery planning service. A number of specially tailored options are available; the following are some examples:

We can analyse your needs and recommend a suitable backup strategy (including hardware
and software as required). We can either automate the backups for you or prepare written
documentation so you can perform the backups at your leisure.

On a daily, weekly or monthly basis, for example, we can dial-in to your computer system
and download your most valuable data files. These files can then be stored securely on your

We can transfer your valuable data to CD. These can be used for archiving of data that is
not needed on a regular basis or for a snap-shot of your system to be stored off-site.

'Backup NOW, for tomorrow may be too late...'

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