What Is Cold Fusion™?   
Cold Fusion is a complete rapid application development system for business needs addressed through websites, intranets and extranets:  a new human resources system, an online store, there are hundreds of examples. Cold Fusion Application Server delivers your applications and also interfaces to your existing in-house software systems.  Cold Fusion also includes version control to permit team development for rapid deployment. 




 and MORE! 

What Can I Do With Cold Fusion™? 
Cold Fusion is great for almost any internet-deployed business application. There are dozens, if not hundreds, but here are a few simple examples: 

Company Knowledge Bases  
Use Cold Fusion for applications, web or intranet, providing information on your products, documents, parts, policies, etc. Cold Fusion makes it simple to retrieve data from your databases and displays it to users. 

Java Sales Reporter 
You can use Cold Fusion with Java applets to provide a sophisticated report charting interface using Allaire's Java Graphlets.  

Need People to Enter Their Data?   
For Web & intranet applications for registering users, prospects, info requesters, downloads, and more!  Use Cold Fusion to create applications facilitating data entry by users to your website or intranet. Cold Fusion provides simple data entry, data updates, pre-filled dynamic forms and much more! 


Mailing Lists 
Mailing list applications have never been easier. Cold Fusion is ideal for providing a simple registration, as well as an administration interface to a database application. Also dynamically generate SMTP mail using Cold Fusion. 

Custom Turnkey Solutions for Business Needs 
Cold Fusion use can achieve your goals in extending your business offerings, processes and operation around Internet-enabled audiences, including your employees, customers, vendors, sales staff and distribution channels, investors, and the public at large. Cold Fusion is the rapid develop/deploy tool to deliver business applications via the Internet. 

Cold Fusion is a great tool to employ to achieve the rapid customization of your web applications that your business markets demand. 
Cold Fusion Projects
We outsource our coldfusion projects. Our developer assists, provides a team, or can take total project responsibility for Cold Fusion development projects. Cold Fusion provide rapid development and scalable deployment of business applications.


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