Windows 2000 Servers

 Speed, Reliability, and Customization

If yours is like many businesses today, you're busy adapting to the challenges and opportunities brought by the Internet. The Microsoft Windows 2000 Server operating system can make the transition easier. Now you can use the Internet to improve all your business operations—from how your employees work together to how you showcase your products and services on your Web site.

from $399.00* complete! (setup fee $499)

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 *Base Package Standard Features



Intel Pentium III 933mhz CPU


9GB SCSI 3 harddisk

Intel PCI 10/100mb network card

10 GB of Transfer Per Month 

Data Center rackmount server case

100% Network Uptime Guarantee

Uninteruptable Backup Power Supply

24 x 7 Technical Support and Monitoring

High-speed Redundant Internet Backbone Connection

1 IP Address (more available)

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server operating system




 Upgrade Hardware 


Additional :

Additional 256mb ECC SDRAM


CPU Upgrades:

Intel Pentium III    1GHz


Intel Pentium IV 1.5GHz


Intel Pentium IV 1.9GHz


Dual Intel Pentium III 800MHz


Dual Intel Pentium III   1 GHz



Additional 9GB SCSI harddisk

 $ 50/month

Additional 18GB SCSI harddisk

 $ 75/month

Additional 36GB SCSI harddisk

 $ 100/month

Additional 73GB SCSI harddisk

 $ 150/month

Additional 180GB SCSI harddisk

 $ 250/month

Harddisk Upgrades:

Upgrade from 9GB to  18GB harddisk

$ 25/month

Upgrade from 9GB to  36GB harddisk

$ 50/month

Upgrade from 9GB to  73GB harddisk

$ 100/month

Upgrade from 9GB to  180GB harddisk

$ 200/month

Additional bandwidth - See our Colocation Pricelist for high bandwidth usage.



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