Dedicated Windows NT/2000 and Linux Servers

1st NT offers its clients superior dedicated hosting on the Windows NT/2000 platform or Linux platform.  We have a variety of server plans so a dedicated server system can be created to meet your needs. As well, we can work with you so your system grows as your needs grow.

A dedicated server environment is where there is only one client per server versus the typical shared environment where multiple clients share a single server.

Typically, clients seeking dedicated server solutions have questions and concerns regarding the following topics:

  • Server and site uptime and availability 
  • Server access 
  • Custom application installations and support 
  • Security 
  • Bandwidth 
  • Technical support

A dedicated server provides you with a larger amount of uptime, greater server access, the ability to use custom applications, greater security, greater bandwidth and superior technical support.  Where a shared server can approach 99.5% to 99.9% uptime, a dedicated server can be 99.9%+.

Hosting Service Level Matrix


1st NT Support

Level of Service

Rack, Power and Remote Hands


Operating System

Application System

Level 1:
Application Management





Level 2:
O/S Management




Level 3:
Hardware Management



Level 4:
Rack Management


Service Level Pricing | Dedicated Server Pricing

Level 1: Application Web Server Management

This superior level of support includes level 2, 3 and 4 plus:

- Monitoring of software components
- Advanced Monitoring and auto-restart of http, asp, db, ftp services
- Paging to client of server services
- Upgrading or installing applications
- Upgrading or installing operating systems
- Flushing logs and backup of files
- Monitoring Security

Level 2: Operating System Management

This high  level of support includes level 3 and 4 plus:

- Monitoring of ping and auto-reboot of server
- Monitoring of hardware components
- Stopping, Starting, or re-starting a process or service
- Applying a patch to an operating system or application
- Making directed changes or modifications to the system

Level 3: Hardware Management

This level of support includes level 4 plus:

- Hardware maintenance
- Removal, replacement of failed disk drive,
CPU, memory module, card, board or cable

Level 4: Web Server Management

This basic level of support includes:

- Mechanical and Observational support
- Re-powering server by toggling power
- Ensure all cabling is connected and secure
- Reporting of lights and display status
- Client has root access via telnet, pcAnywhere, etc.
- Shared services are available and can be provided for email, SQL, etc.

Dedicated Server Management Standard Features:

  • Windows NT/2000 Platform or Linux Platform 
  • Switched 10/100Mbps Local Network 
  • Diverse High Speed Fiber Optic OC-3 (155Mbps) Net Connection 
  • Multiple redundant Internet backbone connections 
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) 
  • Climate Controlled server room 
  • Commercial security alarm system 
  • Level 1 Network

Dedicated Servers are ideal for the following users:

  • Individuals/companies with extensive server administration resources or expertise to administer their own server. 
  • Designers/developers who require root access to remotely administer the server, install and maintain custom/third party applications and develop full custom applications in a highly controlled and optimized environment.
  • Web designers and developers who want to resell hosting to high-end clients. 
  • Clients with or without prior server administration expertise. 
  • Mission critical sites requiring daily server management by the host.


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