In order to add functionality to your web sites, 1st NT has purchased and installed the following asp products on it's servers.  The support for the use of these products is limited to the installation of supporting software and the licensing of the product.    Questions concerning implementation or support issues relating to their use must be directed to the software vendor company.  

Support: Server Objects Technical support


ASPMail allows you to send mail using the standard SMTP protocol from any program that can use ActiveX/OLE components. Features include:

  1. SMTP (sending) Messages
  2. Multiple File Attachments
  3. File attachments support MIME and Uuencode
  4. US ASCII and ISO-8859-1 character sets
  5. PGP
  6. Subject line encoding for 8bit message subjects
  7. Redundant SMTP servers (If the primary SMTP server is down, the secondary server is used)
  8. Special Header Support (Standard X-Priority headers, MS Mail (including Exchange) priority headers, Urgent header, ConfirmReading and ReturnReceipt Headers)
  9. Multiple concurrent users (Tested with 15 concurrent connections)


AspQMail builds on the success of the AspMail product and provides all the features that AspMail provides and in addition:

  1. Message queuing which allows the message to be sent without any delays to the Web client.
  2. An NT Service that sends queued messages


AspHTTP allows you to GET/POST/HEAD documents using the HTTP protocol.

Features include:

  1. GET, HEAD and POST request methods
  2. Response headers are exposed
  3. Accept headers are modifiable
  4. Adjustable timeout
  5. Proxy support
  6. Custom User-Agent headers
  7. Custom Content-Type headers for POST
  8. Redirection
  9. Supports authentication areas
  10. Retrieves URLs to a file including binary files
  11. Allows custom HTTP request headers


AspFile is a component in the AspLib series. This component comes packaged with other components of the AspLib series. The components are not available for purchase separately. AspFile provides access to commonly need file functions including:

  1. File copy, move, delete and rename
  2. Directory listings
  3. File attributes and sizes
  4. Directory creation and deletion
  5. Creating unique file names


ASPImage allows you to create images on the fly from ASP. Features include:

  1. Create GIF* (RLE encoding only. Loading of GIFs not supported) JPG, PNG and BMP format images.
  2. Modify existing images (JPG and BMP)
  3. Gradient fills
  4. Draw methods

Active File

If you are looking for an intelligent way to exchange files between your ASP application and web clients, the search is over. It has advanced features such as restart of interrupted downloads, download failure detection, and industry standard data compression.


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