Features Glossary

Setup Fee

This is a one time fee charged when we set-up your account. Upgrades are $25 or next level pricing.

Monthly Fee

This is the recurring amount that you will be billed each quarter. Monthly and yearly payments are available by request. Payment in advance of services.

Disk Space

This is the amount of space that your site may consume on our servers.  Additional space is an upgrade to the next package with no interruption of service.

Monthly Traffic

This is the total amount of data transfer that you are allowed to transfer to and from your site. When visitors visit your site, they move data across the internet from our servers. This data is logged and measured. You will be notified if your web site is exceeding its allowable traffic per month. Bandwidth is a measure of throughput a site can serve up data, e.g. 128kbps throughput = approx. 40gig/month of data transfer.

IP Addresses

For reseller accounts, this is the number of IP addresses that you will be allowed to delegate to your clients. All accounts have static (unique) IP addresses.

POP3 E-mail Boxes

POP3 E-mail boxes allow you to retrieve mail from programs like Netscape Messenger, Eudora,Microsoft Outlook, or any other other POP3 enabled mail client. Each mailbox allows you to have a unique e-mail address. (eg. myname@mydomain.com)

E-mail Aliases

E-mail aliases allow you to have more than one address per mailbox. For example, you could be superman@earth.comAND you could be clark_kent@earth.com. Mail sent to either alias would be delivered to the same mailbox.

E-mail Forwarding

This feature allows you to have mail that is delivered to one mailbox to be automatically forwarded to any another address. Called a "Catch all" alias.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists let you send e-mail to >25 people automatically. This is a great feature for periodicals such as newsletters that need to be delivered to a large amount of people. Note: Mailing lists are restricted to messages only for up to 1000 subscribers.  For pricing More

FTP Login Accounts

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, allows you to send files directly to a private directory on our servers where your web site is stored. Extra accounts are useful if you have multiple people updating your web site concurrently.  For pricing More

ASP Support

ASP, or Active Server Pages, allow you to create dynamic web sites through scripts that are run on the server side.

JSP Support

JSP (Tomcat 3.2) support is available on Unix packages.

PHP Support

PHP support is available on Unix packages.

mySQL Support

mySQL (3.23.22) support is available on Unix packages. Permissions: A client will normally only need select, insert, update, delete, create and drop and are expected to know how to utilize. More


This is a private place to store your CGI scripts that can be run on the server to create dynamic web sites. Perl is an example.

System CGI Scripts

These are CGI scripts that are included on our systems. Perl is optional on NT and standard on Unix sites.

Space Can Be Resold

This means that you can sell the disk space to others at your own risk and expense. You are responsible for technical support for your customers. If you plan to re-sell web space exclusively, please look at our reseller page. More

Server Side Includes

Your site is enabled with Server Side Includes (SSI).


Your site is enabled with Secure Socket Layer (SSL). We setup a shared SSL virtual directory on your site so that any of your pages can be SSL enabled.  For pricing More


ODBC DSN stands for Open DataBase Connectivity - Database Source Name. Each DSN allows your web site to connect to a separate database through ASP, CGI or some other scripting language.  Package limits apply.  DSN-less connections are accepted. For pricing More

Microsoft Index Server

Microsoft Index Server will index the information on your web pages, allowing you to have a search page for your visitors.  For pricing More

Custom 404 Error Pages

A 404 error page is displayed whenever someone makes a request for a page on your site that is no longer there. You can create a custom 404 error page that displays whatever information you want your visitors to see.  For pricing More

Aliased DNS Names

This allows you to appear to have your own DNS name servers by aliasing our DNS servers. (eg. ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com)  For pricing More

Live Web Site Statistics

Livestat site statistics allows you to see how many people have visited your site in real time. You can track everything from page hits, user sessions, data transfer, web referrals, and much more! A powerful marketing feature!

Multiple Domains

If your account allows it, you can host multiple domain names under one account. Each domain can point to the same web site (IP address).  Package limits apply.  For pricing More

Web Site Promotion

Please see our Tools FAQ page for links.

Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000 extensions

Your web site can have the easy to use, yet very powerful Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000 Server Extensions, allowing you to completely manage your account with Microsoft® FrontPage®.

Real Media

We provide full support for RealMedia™ technology from RealNetworks™ to stream audio and video from your site. Streaming is beneficial for audio and video because it reduces wait times for viewing files. You may only have a maximum of 20MB of space designated for your Real Audio files. We support 10 concurrent threads per server for streaming audio and recommend that the client switch to a dedicated server if the above specifications do not suit the clients needs.
RealVideo 8.0:
Co-developed with Intel, RealVideo 8 provides the highest quality streaming media experience, from narrowband to broadband, with VHS quality for broadband viewers and DVD quality at 1 Mbps.

Play RealVideo8 Sample
RealAudio 8.0:
Finally, Internet audio that does justice to your music. With better quality at half of the bandwidth, RealAudio 8 provides CD quality at 64 Kbps and supports the highest fidelity across the broadest range of bandwidth rates, from 16 Kbps to 352 Kbps.
Play RealAudio8 Sample
RealPix, RealText, and SMIL:
RealPix allows existing image formats like JPEG to be easily added to presentations, offering powerful transition effects and overlay capabilities. RealText allows both static and live XML-compliant text to be added to presentations with powerful effects like smooth scrolling, selectable fonts, and selectable colors. SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) enables the Server to deliver and choreograph multiple live and pre-recorded events, graphics, ads, and text feeds into a single compelling presentation.
Play SMIL Sample #1
Play SMIL Sample #2
Take advantage of streaming delivery for the popular MP3 format
Play Streaming MP3 Sample
Through proven leadership with the industry standard RTSP, RealServer 8 interoperates with other RTSP clients, broadcasting to QuickTime clients with QuickTime content. Sample playback requires the QuickTime player.
Play Quick Time Sample

Dedicated IP Addresses

Your site will have a fixed IP address. eg. instead of a shared IP address.

Catch-All E-mail Account

Any mail sent to your domain that is undeliverable will be delivered to this account, ensuring that you get any e-mail sent to your domain.

E-mail Control Panel

You can completely administer your e-mail from an easy to use, web-based control panel. Add, remove or edit mailboxes and aliases all from your own private control panel just like Hotmail.

E-mail Web Messaging

Read and send e-mail from any web browser! This feature makes it easy to use e-mail from any computer connected to the internet that has a web browser! Just like Hotmail!

Online Tech Support

Our online tech support is second to none. We take pride in our ability to solve your problems quickly and easily. If you can't find the answer on our help desk website, just fill out a support call and we will solve your problem quickly.

Rack Space

This is the physical space allocated for your server to reside in. Your server must fit within the allocated dimensions, so be sure to measure your server case.

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