IMail™ Server for Windows NT
The Unbeatable NT Messaging Solution

A high-performance, standards-based mail server with support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP, and more!

Quick to install and easy to administer, IMail Server is the choice of Business, Schools and Service Providers.   Unlike Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes, which are costly to deploy and cumbersome to administer, IMail Server costs pennies per user with the option of scaling to unlimited users at one price.

IMail Server is a great price/performer for network administrators in companies of any size who need a flexible, web-accessible, standards-based and spam-resistant mail server for Windows NT.

IMail Server can be used with any standards-based POP3 or IMAP4 mail client, providing system administrators with complete flexibility in setting up a total mail solution that easily accommodates disparate and/or geographically dispersed mail clients.


  • Non-proprietary, standards-based mail server
  • Scalable to tens of thousands of users (with no license restrictions on number of accounts)
  • Easy administration including remote administration via the Web
  • Rules-based processing, vacation support, and automated mail response
  • Built-in monitoring of critical services with automatic notification and restart
  • Multidomain support through virtual hosts
  • Mail-to-Fax Option (see below)

New in Version 6.0

  • Enhanced Web Messaging features including configurable web mail interfaces, on-line address book, multiple mailboxes and improved administration.
  • Improved Anti-Spamming adds secure authentication of mail senders.
  • ODBC (Open database connectivity) lets you base IMail users on an external database.  Use any external database that supports ODBC for your user accounts. (e.g. your SQL-based enrollment database or an Access-based billing database, etc.)
  • Expanded Mail Delivery Rules can scan the message header or body for text or patterns.   You can apply delivery rules to users or hosts for mail management and spam protection.
  • E-mail to Pager/Beeper gateway is now included in IMail Server.
  • Support for LDAP Revision 3 keeps you up to date with the latest directory services.
  • Pricing

    Standard hosting sites include Imail.  Below pricing is for dedicated server clients who wish to purchase their own license.

    • IMail Server - 250 Users $995
    • IMail Server - Unlimited Users $1495

IMail Server Options

IMail closes the gap between desktop and web-based e-mail with Web Messaging.  Your users can access their e-mail from any Web browser anywhere and enjoy familiar mail client features like an address book, attachments and multiple mail folders.  In addition, administrators can add and change users, aliases, lists and hosts via the Web.

Web Messaging is part of IMail Server's base price - included at no extra cost.  And now in version 5.0, you can customize the look and feel of each host's web mail interface.  Corporations and schools can maintain their identity and customize features, and ISP's and free e-mail services can offer tailored web mail interfaces to their customers.  Banner advertisements can be displayed above the mail window, generating extra revenue from your e-mail service.

IMail Web Messaging lets you:

  • Customize the look of each host's web mail interface

  • Add and change virtual hosts, aliases, and list server mailing lists from a web browser

  • Monitor services and disk space, and view the system logs from any browser, any time

  • Gain advertising revenue by displaying banners above your users' e-mail

If your organization has mobile users such as travelling salespeople, or if you just have more users than computers, such as a school, then IMail Web Messaging is the ideal solution for providing robust e-mail access without client configuration headaches.  Web Messaging is also perfect for ISPs, web hosting companies and free or outsource e-mail providers.

web-menu_small.gif (5220 bytes)Customize your web mail interface by editing HTML templates and changing graphics files.

  • Web Messaging benefits to your users:

    Access to e-mail from any browser, anywhere, independent of platform

  • On-line address book

  • Multiple mailboxes for message sorting, including "sent" and "deleted" mailboxes, just like on their desktop e-mail client

  • Message sorting by date, subject, sender

  • Multiple attachments

  • User self-administration lets users modify their own mail delivery rules, auto-responders, directory information and vacation messages

  • Spell checker

  • Customizable web interfaces

Set up automated mailing lists with IMail Server. A list-server mailing list can receive mail and then re-send the mail to all the users on the mailing list to share information about specific topics.

  • Users can subscribe and unsubscribe themselves from mailing lists with a simple e-mail message
  • You can add "header" and "trailer" text to all messages in the list and add text to the subject line
  • Private Lists let you choose who can subscribe
  • Moderated Lists allow list owner and/or password approval of  all postings before they go to the subscribers
  • Delivery Rules can create filters that flag designated words and phrases to keep out unauthorized users and undesirable content. This greatly helps in anti-spamming efforts and reducing junk mail sent to legitimate mailing lists.
  • LIST Command Security prevents outsiders from requesting a list of all subscribers to your lists
  • Digest Mode allows users to request that list messages be combined into a periodic summary message.
  • Password posting and authorized poster lists help restrict posting by unauthorized persons

IMail Server for Windows NT and Options

IMail Server for Windows NT is a high performance SMTP/POP3 e-mail server geared for today's Internet and corporate intranet messaging requirements. Now with antispamming controls, IMAP4, and LDAP support, it offers businesses an attractive alternative to more complex and higher-priced proprietary products or complicated UNIX based systems.

In addition, IMail Server's options provide these additional benefits:

  • The Web Messaging Option allows users access to e-mail accounts from any WWW browser.
  • Web Messaging with Banner Advertising allows service providers to generate additional revenue by selling online advertising.
  • Mail-to-Fax and Mail-to-Pager Options allow users to have their mail routed directly to a Fax machine or alphanumeric pager.

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