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How credit card processing works

We are affiliated with the following National & International merchant services:

1. PSiGate:

PSiGate empowers businesses on the internet by providing secure, cost-effective and trusted eCommerce solutions, including credit card processing, merchant accounts and fraud screening. PSiGate provides an easy and seamless interface to your new or existing online commerce enterprise, offering you a reliable means of real-time credit card processing. In addition, our transaction management services include automated tax and shipping calculations, fraud screening, and financial account reporting.

PSiGate will guide you from the beginning, providing you with real time product and technical support ensuring quality management of your electronic commerce solution.

PSiGate offers merchants Internet Gateway Services to process and authorize credit card transactions in real-time, deposit merchant sales into any of over a hundred banks across North America, and provide industry-leading fraud protection for merchants through extensive fraud checks, on a 24/7 basis. PSiGate's Merchant ID service allows retailers to offer their customers credit card transactions over a web site storefront, without substantial security deposits or high reference barriers to the merchants.

PSIGate is compatible with StoreFront 5.0 software.

2. Internet Secure:

A merchant account from Internet Secure will put the money into your account once your customers have ordered online.

InternetSecure Guarantees Your Merchant Status?

For many small to medium companies the first barrier to conducting legitimate credit card transactions via the Internet is qualifying and acquiring Credit Card Merchant Status. Banks around the world are reluctant to deal with mail order/telephone and Internet merchants. If they do grant merchant status, they will usually require substantial security deposits prior to the merchant actually generating revenues over the Net. breaks down these barriers immediately!

As an approved Internet Merchant Acquiring organization, Internetsecure has the authority to grant merchant status for use with the InternetSecure system. This is made possible in part by their track record with Internet transactions since 1996 and the fact that they guarantee all merchants' accounts to their financial institutions. They are authorized to provide merchant status for Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover to their merchants. It is not necessary for merchants to obtain merchant status from their bank.

Canadian and United States dollar merchant status is available for all qualified merchants, regardless of their country of origin. There are no requirements to incorporate or open bank accounts in Canada or the United States to be an InternetSecure merchant.

InternetSecure will provide each of its merchants with a unique merchant number to be used by our system so that "YOUR MERCHANT NAME via Internetsecure" will appear on your client's monthly credit card statement for each purchase from your web site.

1st NT has certified merchant status with InternetSecure. Click on the "certified merchant" logo for our merchant certification information.

InternetSecure is compatible with StoreFront 5.0 software only if special plug-in is used. See sales for more info.

3. CardService International:

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Accept credit card processing and expand your business with CardService International. A merchant account increases your sales and profits, enhances your advertising and adds credibility to your business.

CardService International is compatible with StoreFront 5.0 software.

4. Planet Payment:

Through Planet Payment, any eligible Internet merchant can accept Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, JCB® and certain other major credit and debit cards through your website in over 140 currencies. Click here for a list of available currencies.

Planet Payment's e-commerce payment processing solution is unique. With Planet Payment, there is no need for a merchant to form a foreign company or open a foreign bank account anywhere outside of its home country. Apply now and Planet Payment will have your website accepting business globally.

Planet Payment is compatible with StoreFront 5.0 software.

5. International Merchants - Offshore Acquirers:

Another means for a merchant to process through PSIGate is to establish a business presence in Bermuda. This is typically a more cost-effective process than establishing a presence in the U.S., and provides a tax-neutral environment. A business can establish a presence in Bermuda either through incorporation in Bermuda or through the establishment of a virtual presence. Whether your company is a small start-up or an established business with substantial revenues and processing requirements, the business friendly international environment of Bermuda offers a cost-effective and efficient platform to process your e-business.

If you are interested in incorporating in Bermuda, or in establishing a virtual presence known as an "eSuite", please contact the Bank of Bermuda and oeBusiness by filling out their web form located via the link below. They will explain to you how you can qualify to process offshore. Please let them know you are interested in working with 1st NT and PSIGate as your hosts and payment gateway provider.

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How credit card processing works


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