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1st NT supports all versions of StoreFront®
including the new StoreFront® 5.0!!!


StoreFront 5.0 makes building professional, dynamic, database-driven web stores easier than ever. StoreFront's FrontPage 2000 and FrontPage 2002 integrated store creation and management tools, in addition to its advanced web store functionality, make it a feature-rich end-to-end e-commerce software solution for Microsoft FrontPage developers.

"It is easy to use and highly customizable, enabling novices and developers alike to create professional storefronts."-InternetWeek Review of StoreFront 5.0


Making Headlines:
LaGarde Recognized as Leading Provider of E-Commerce Technology for Microsoft FrontPage


With StoreFront 5.0 "You've Got A Sale"

StoreFront 5.0, the fifth generation of LaGarde's market leading e-commerce software product line, offers unparalleled features for easily and effectively building profitable online operations for retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, professional associations, government institutions and not for profits.


StoreFront 5.0 SE

A comprehensive e-commerce solution for merchants and professional web developers alike, StoreFront SE offers powerful web store creation and management tools for easy deployment and maintenance of e-commerce applications.


StoreFront 5.0 SE Professional

Need the power of a SQL Server backend? The Professional version of StoreFront SE offers all the great features and functionality of StoreFront 5.0 backed by a powerful SQL Server database. Develop with Access or SQL Server using StoreFront 5.0 Professional.


StoreFront 2000 Enterprise Pro (version 4.0)

For merchants needing inventory tracking, multi-tier pricing, and support for SQL Server, StoreFront 2000 Enterprise Pro is a great value at more than 30% off. Upgrade for free to StoreFront 5.0 AE when it's released and add coupons, gift-wrapping, and wish list functionality to your web store. 


Or you can start building SQL powered 5.0 web stores today with StoreFront 5.0 AE (Advanced Edition) Pre-Release. StoreFront AE offers all the enhanced features included in the new StoreFront 5.0 product line plus support for a SQL backend. Upgrade for free to the final version when released to add inventory tracking, multi-tier pricing, coupons, gift-wrapping, and wish list functionality to your web store. 

Merchant Tools

Maintenance of StoreFront web stores is now easier than ever with the newly enhanced online store administration tools. Use the Merchant Tools to update product information, access sales reports, manage mail list subscriptions, send promotional mail, and administer sales and promotions through any web browser. 

StoreFront Utilities:

StoreFront 5.0 Theme Design Collection

Designing StoreFront web stores just got easier with LaGarde's Theme Design Collection, which includes ten professional web store themes and a theme publisher that allows for the simple addition of a StoreFront theme to your web.

 Visit the demo of The Nature Store
To give you an example of a StoreFront e-commerce web store in action, StoreFront has created a demo store, The Nature Store. The store is for demonstration purposes only, so please feel free to browse the store and purchase items. 

If you provide a valid e-mail address when checking out, you will receive a confirmation e-mail automatically sent out by StoreFront. The Nature Store includes both static and dynamic catalog pages. 

Download the StoreFront 5.0 PowerPoint Presentation Demo
Download the StoreFront 5.0 Demo for a detailed PowerPoint tour of StoreFront 5.0's powerful web store development tools and the StoreFront 5.0 web store's professional e-commerce features designed to ensure that your e-commerce enterprise is quickly brought on-line with all the features needed for a successful on-line venture.   

 Try out the Merchant Tools
The StoreFront Merchant Tools are designed to meet the special needs of online merchants by providing web based store management tools which allow them to adjust store settings, manage product inventory, and administer sales and promotional mailings through any web browser.

Please note that this demo tool is linked only to a copy of The Nature Store database. Any changes you make will not be reflected in the actual Nature Store demo store. 

StoreFront has built-in, virtually point-and-click support for Psigate,Cardservices,Approve.Net,AuthorizeNet,CyberCash,Link Point,Merchant Online,PC Authorize,Verisign,Charge Solutions,The Processing Network and Quick Commerce payment processing systems. Please note that 1st NT does not provide any of these merchant services. Should you have any questions regarding any of these payment processors, please visit their web sites and contact the firms directly.

Once you obtain a license and upload the necessary files, just let us know and we will finish the final configuration on the server side.  The standard setup charge for configuring the server to handle the StoreFront software that you install is a nominal $25.

The Standard Storefront Setup ($25) includes the following:

configure a database connection (DSN)
set all applicable web permissions
setup SSL Directory (optional)

Our StoreFront "SPECIAL" Web Store Setup ($100) is specially tailored to the merchant developer who is new to web site development or who just doesn't have the time to follow the learning curve to install and configure his StoreFront Software.

The Special Setup includes the following:

install your StoreFront files on your web site
configure a database connection (DSN)
configure mail services (ASPMail)
set-up payment processing method (email method is default)
coordinate the setting all applicable web permissions
perform a security audit
setup SSL Directory (optional)
setup ODBC Connection
Standard theme setup
fully test the web store for functionality

We can install the StoreFront 5.0 files to your site using our Developer's (Access or SQL) version of the software. All files have been updated per the StoreFront 5.0 recommended installation procedure and standard StoreFront theme. The store is fully functional and tested.

Please Note: We do not provide a copy of the software license; please order from the above software options or click
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